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Ben Milstein



Doctor Evil


Pyramid Transmissions
Touchin' Bass


Ben Milstein manages to eke out very demented and apocalyptic sounds from his machines that will turn your head inside out. The music has real depth, not merely relying on obvious hooks or loops to keep the listener’s interest; just as a groove snags you in, it evolves into something else as everything dissolves into a sea of distortion or is swallowed up by a huge barrage of bass and the track hits you from yet another angle.

Here is what some other people have had to say about his music: “If you want your electro demented, futuristic, groundbreaking, outright RUDE – don’t bother looking any further.” –“ If Autechre made electro for the dancefloor, this is what they would sound like.” – “[Ben’s music] instantly grabs you for sounding more intricate and sophisticated than the norm – like Kraftwerk and Aphex Twin colliding in Miami.” – “Ben Milstein is an electro breaks robot master. My mind was blown wide open and tweaked in many different directions for the entire set. I was subconsciously transplanted with circuitry and turned into a robot."