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Ed Kelly



Lone Shark
The Mighty Ape (with Peter Perou and Andy Pine)
Bit Totem with (Adam Asnan & Milo Taylor)


Pyramid Transmissions



Dr Ed Kelly a.k.a Lone Shark has been making music since his early teens. Growing up in Kent he has always had an interest in music, and took violin lessons at the age of seven. It was the bass guitar however that became his main instrument at the age of 13. From early experiments with multiple jumping turntables in the late 1980’s, and the study of the bass, guitar and piano, an insatiable curiosity with sound emerged with a strong desire to experiment. Early influences included Faust, Can, Nurse with Wound and NON. At the same time, the Acid House movement came into being and the rapid explosion of electronic music styles and artists during this era made a deep impression on Ed’s work.

Ed studied Electronic Music at University, and has since become involved in various research projects in music. This allowed him to experiment with various different styles and forms of music whilst the electronica scene has becoming increasingly more diverse and exciting, with new styles and approaches to sound being constantly realised. “Whilst developing other forms of music at University, I was also forging an individual style of dance music that incorporated innovative approaches to rhythm, with intricate melodies and electroacoustic sounds. This will only become more sophisticated with my research.”

Throughout the late 1990s and early this century, Ed has been involved in various electroacoustic ventures, with performances of work at festivals as far afield as Brazil (the ISCM 2000), Norway (Ultima 99) and Japan (isea 2001). He has also started several nights, and presently holds an occasional night of experimental electronica at the Foundry in Old Street called Fused.

Edward Kelly is a research assistant at the London College of Communication, engaged in research into new software tools for manipulation of speech recordings and archives. Whilst maintaining an academic career he as also developed a style of dance music of his own influenced by such artists as Plaid, Autechre, The Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Juan Atkins and the Push Button Objects.



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