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Mike Wallis



Psi Spy
Abstract Knights (with Sam Ashwell)
Crunch (with Tipper)


Pyramid Transmissions

Colony Productions
Cultivated Electronics
Uncharted Audio



Mike began Djing when he was just 15, but the production side of things came into play in 1994 when at the age of 18, he started a course in sound engineering at the City of Westminster college. Two years later he left as a fully trained sound engineer and soon began writing tracks under his PSI SPY guise. In 1999, after failed deals with both R&S and Kingsize, he began releasing material under the Abstrakt Knights moniker for Halflife Recordings.

It was around this time that Tipper, an old school friend, heard Mike’s stuff and they soon began collaborating on tracks. Crunch was subsequently born, a mix of styles that would find it’s way on to the Musik Aus Strom imprint in 1999, but not actually get released until 2001. The first Crunch album, simply entitled 1, was soon followed by the release of the 10 Inch EP on Delikatessen Records.

In March 2001 the Colony Productions Imprint, Mikes label, came into being and to date the label has released the Laurel EP and the Crunch 2 album, which also features remixes by the likes of Funkstorung, Bit Meddler, Lusine ICL, Skoptik and Evac. The latest release, the Bit Hop video project, includes a full video filmed on 35mm by Kima Productions. Forthcoming releases on the label include the likes of Sevenark, Loden and Cane.

Aside from the releases on Colony, Mike has also found himself doing all kinds of engineering work and he has writing and engineering credits on a variety of labels. These include a breaks release under the name Morph alongside Deekline on the Botchit & Scarper label and a hip-hop/breaks release with Formless (Dan Jones) on his own label Formless Recordings. He has also been working with Dave Jarvis and Terry Farley on house cuts for DadHouse, done Protools mixes of Lee Sankey’s Blues Band for 10 Year Noose and worked with Arthur Baker and Meat Katie as an engineer.

More recently, Mike has completed a solo mini album for Ant-Zen Records and a cut for Pyramid Transmissions in the shape of the Bake ’N’ Bite EP, which also features collaborations with Formless. Mike has completed a release for Erratica under his Abstrakt Knights moniker and has also submitted tracks for compilations for Eat This Records and Couchblip. Other releases on the horizon include a remix with EVAC frontman J. Goldstein, under the name Graphic for Funkstorung and the Crunch 3 release. Also expect to see another Abstrakt Knights EP and a solo PSI SPY album by the end of 2004.

In terms of gigs, Mike DJs or plays live most weekends. Although he’s still based in London, with family in Europe and Australia and dates lined up in Miami, Belgium and Barcelona, 2004 looks set to see plenty of stamps in his passport.



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