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Julian Frank





Pyramid Transmissions


Co founder and Generalissimo at, Jfrank started producing electronic music in the late 90s and is known for skipping effortlessly between different styles, genres and formats.

With professional experience in sound design for animation and video games as well as original scores for film and choreography, his musical output slips as easily from hip hop beats for rappers to robotic fairytale electronica - as his performances from the art gallery to the squat party.

"Spatial Orbit Intersection is a take on the retro space-age fetish that swamps my generation and electronic music producers in general. The narrative and aesthetic all point to science fiction and the start of a new age of consciousness for humanity (or lack thereof) but the underlying concept is more about choice, escapism and the tendency to passively expect change that ultimately never arrives, while forgetting to actively appreciate change as it occurs… a bit like Ferris Bueller's Day Off."