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Nuno Soczka





Pyramid Transmissions


Nuno Soczka is a Lisbon based producer and sound designer.

A child of the ‘80s, Nuno first began experimenting with music using guitars and a pair of cassette recorders. During his teenage years he played in several bands (mostly grunge and punk), before being introduced to electronic music in the ‘90s. Some time later he purchased his first piece of hardware - a Roland MC-505 Groovebox - which he used to produce mainly ambient and drum and bass tracks. Soon realising the limitations of hardware, Vetrix embraced the booming world of soft-synths and plugins, thus allowing him much more creative freedom and flexibility.

Influenced by a wide array of artists, Nuno’s music is an unusual hybrid of genres, with elements of IDM, electro, breaks and techno all shining through.